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Locations Covered

Day 01

Arrive at the Bandaranaike International Airport and visit the coast of Negombo

You have now landed in Sri Lanka for your premium travel experience. Falex Lanka has designed you a perfect relaxation and exploration vacation in the best hotspots in Sri Lanka. Your trained guide will meet you at the airport and you will travel your way through the coast of Negombo, which is a great and supple vacation spot, ideal for you to bask in the sun and enjoy the wonderful beaches and the aquamarine seas.

Day 02

Explore the breathtaking cities of Negombo, Pinnawala and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya

Now that you have sufficiently recharged your jetlag and are ready to do some exploring, it is time for you to step out and enter the scenic views of Negombo. You may have a firsthand view of how Negombo provides a range of things to see and do, including historic churches, a lively fish market, access to fresh seafood, and some of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. The town's rich history is visible everywhere, with a strong Dutch influence.

We will then journey on to Pinnawala, rich with flora and fauna and so culturally diverse that it will not fail to capture your heart. Consider the sight of more than 80 elephants marching from their eating area to bathe in the neighboring Maha River. Isn't it intriguing? You can witness this once-in-a-lifetime event at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which was established by the government of Sri Lanka in 1975 in response to a dramatic increase in the number of newborn elephants that were separated from their mothers. Pinnawala is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka and a must-see when visiting the country. You can take your kids on a family vacation where they may get up up and personal with nature. Club Concept, a short distance from Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, is another elephant sanctuary. The herd is modest, with a few elephants as the main attraction. On the premises, there is a small museum with an intriguing explanation of the habits and life cycle of Sri Lankan elephants. There are two spice gardens in close vicinity to Pinnawala that are worth a visit as well. There are two spice gardens nearby that are definitely worth a visit.

Following this beautiful encounter with nature, bringing you closer to the origins and roots of our existence, we will then journey on to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka’s famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 03

Visit Sigiriya and explore Polonnaruwa

It is now time for you to visit the majestic, sheer-sided outcrop of reddish gneiss rising 200 metres/yds above the surrounding plains and ornamented with the astonishing ruins of one of medieval Sri Lanka's most outstanding royal palaces, as Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is one of the country's most spectacular natural monuments. An odd set of Victorian-era spiral metal staircases lead up to a protected alcove in the rock, which houses Sigiriya's most famous sight: the so-called Sigiriya Damsels. This stunning painting, arguably the biggest ever created, was commissioned by King Kassapa in the 5th century and portrays 21 gorgeous, bare-chested ladies swathed in a layer of fluffy cloud from the waist down, seen sprinkling flower petals or delivering platters of fruit. The paintings are unlike anything else in Sri Lanka, where painters have often focused on highly stylized depictions of Buddhist religious topics. You can also journey through the well-preserved Water Gardens, which frame the main, western entrance to the rock, are like a miniature Versailles transferred to ancient Sri Lanka, with beautifully kept lawns studded with geometrically designed ponds, water channels, and little fountains (although all of these tend to dry up during periods of low rainfall).

We will then pay heed to Sri Lanka’s religious heritages as we move on to Polonnaruwa, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. A significant enigmatic city swathed in the history of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa is a heritage site rich with ancient jewels to explore, and it's home to the Sinhalese kings and queens of the old and prior resting place of Buddha's tooth relic. You'll pass stupas, historic palaces, step-wells, temples, Buddha statues, coconut pitstops, and other sights that will make you fall in love with Sri Lanka.

Day 04

Further explore Sigiriya, and make your way to Dambulla and the hills of Kandy

Once we are done exploring the enchantment of Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa, we will then take you on to Dambulla, allowing you to connect even more prominently with Sri Lanka’s religious roots. Dambulla is well-known for housing the Dambulla Cave Temple, the country's largest and best-preserved cave-temple complex. This World Heritage Site, also known as Golden Rock Temple, consists of a subterranean monastery and five shrines. There are over 80 document caverns within 2000 feet of the temple's grounds, but there are five significant complexes with paintings and sculptures of Lord Buddha, including the stunning 45-foot sleeping Buddha statue. Though tourists mostly visit the city to explore the caverns, there are other lovely attractions in the area, including the Rose Quartz Mountain, Iron Wood Forest, and the RangiriDambulla International Cricket Stadium, which was erected in 2007.

We will then journey uphill to Kandy, one of the must-see sites in Sri Lanka, where kings ruled for the most part, and is considered one of the most elite places to visit. We will combine a visit to Kandy Lake with a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. This is one of Sri Lanka's holiest sites due to the presence of Buddha’s tooth relic

Day 05

Breathe in the enticing air of Kandy

We will now further explore the city of Kandy. Kandy's long history of political independence continues to influence many elements of daily life. The city is still a bulwark of Sinhalese culture and religion, including the Temple of the Tooth, the island's most respected Buddhist temple, its most holy relic, and its most splendid festival, the EsalaPerahera. It's also the island's undisputed arts and crafts capital, with countless temples and palaces built in the distinctive Kandyan architectural style, adorned with elaborate murals and finely carved wooden pillars, and frequently echoing to the unmistakable sound of the city's virtuoso drummers beating out rhythms.

Day 06 & 07

Explore Kandy and Nuwara Eliya

Once we have finished our excursion through Kandy, we will journey further upward to be engulfed by the mist and the scents of blooming flowers in Nuwara Eliya. The city of Nuwara Eliya, located high in Sri Lanka's hill region, is surrounded by a gorgeous environment and numerous tea plantations. In recent years, the city, affectionately known as Little England, has grown in popularity as a tourist destination. This is due in part to the numerous waterfalls in the region, as well as the close vicinity to the magnificent Horton Plains National Park.The Horton Plains National Park is one of the best locations to visit in Nuwara Eliya. The park's major draw is the World's End viewpoint, a cliff with an 880-metre plunge that overlooks communities and tea plantations all the way to Sri Lanka's coast. You can also visit Victoria Park, Lover’s Leap, several tea plantations and the Hakgala Botanical Gardens. One must-see site is Gregory Lake, a nice area to unwind outside of the city. Paddle boating, jet skiing, and horseback riding are among the sports available on the lake.

Day 08

Explore Nuwara Eliya and be enchanted by the wildlife in Yala

Now we are ready to leave the beautifulsancitiity of Nuwara Eliya and unleash the traveller and wildlife enthusiast in you while we journey to the thrilling sands of Yala. You can visit the iconic Yala National Park (officially known as Yala West or Ruhunu National Park), which is about 20 kilometers southeast of Tissamaharama and is Sri Lanka's most frequented and rewarding wildlife area. The park's dry-zone environment is astonishingly untamed and unspoiled, especially from the vantage points provided by the park's odd rock formations. From there, you can view a seemingly infinite area of low scrub and trees, interspersed with brackish lakes near to the dune-covered shoreline — especially beautiful from Situlpahuwa. Furthermore, the park's wildlife has its own distinct charm, with huddles of colorful storks perched on the edge of lagoons between the supine shapes of dozing crocodiles; fan-tailed peacocks kicking up clouds of dust while monkeys chatter in the treetops; or the incongruously conjoined sight of elephants marching sedately through the busiest parts of the park.

Day 09 & 10

Explore the wildlife sanctuary in Yala and make your way to the coasts of Bentota

Many people do not think about safaris when they think of Sri Lanka. It is because of this prevalent perception that a safari in Yala National Park is not to be missed. Yala, like other usual safari sites, can provide a diverse assortment of animals with a much smaller audience. Elephants, crocodiles, and leopards are common sights, and if you're lucky, you could even view a live kill. The birds of Yala, and in general in Sri Lanka, are somewhat of a specialty. With a variety of exotic animals, such as Crested Serpent Eagles and peacocks, making frequent appearances.

The elephants of Yala National Park offer a one-of-a-kind experience while not being abused. Many elephant "sanctuaries" in Sri Lanka and South East Asia in general advertise themselves as secure havens for the majestic animals, yet virtually invariably deliver the polar opposite. It is usual for these places to breed elephants for captivity with no intention of releasing them into the wild, but rather to attract tourists' attention.

We will then venture on towards the coasts of Bentota. Bentota is one of the best beaches on Sri Lanka's West Coast. Because to its proximity to Colombo, it is simpler to reach the beach by car. The beach is suitable for a short stay for business or vacation travelers. Bentota, which is lined with big resorts and boutique hotels, provides something for everyone. Despite all of the construction, the beach remains clean and uncrowded by tourists. With magnificent resorts surrounding the shores of Bentota, it is the ideal spot to unwind, whether by the resort's swimming pool or on the beach bed. This beach is regarded safe for swimmers all year. Aside from sitting about, Bentota has a plethora of seashore activities for the more energetic seeker. Snorkeling is something you can try. Sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, and deep sea fishing are all popular activities.

Day 11


It is now time for you to head back after a relaxing and energetic vacation in Sri Lanka. We will transport you back to the airport with a baggage full of wonderful and entertaining memories, riveting life experiences, and great sceneries in your mind.

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    Tour Highlights
    • The educational Negombo fishing village, wrapping Sri Lankan heritage and evolution
    • Visit the Minneriya National Park filled with nature
    • Explore the Ruins of Polonnaruwa
    • Magnificent Sigiriya Rock Fortress
    • Kandy Temple of the Tooth Relic
    • Royal Botanical Gardens
    • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
    • Tea Factory Visit
    • Yala National Park Visit
    • Beaches of Bentota
    • Lunuganga
    • Turtle Hatchery Visit
    • Bevis Bawa’s Brief Garden
    • Colombo City Tour